The Leading SaaS solution for Structured Products

Most advanced multi-dealer platform for pricing and trading structured products

LinkedTrade is a FinTech company leading the way in the digital transformation
of the structured products industry

Why LinkedTrade?

LinkedTrade connects digitally all market participants for Structured Investments and empowers the Wealth Management industry and Distributors with a powerful global SaaS technology platform.

Our purpose since the creation of LinkedTrade has been to make Structured Products available to all investors with a high level of transparency.

We automate the entire value chain and provide end-to-end connectivity for the trading of OTC Derivatives and Structured Products.

  • Alternative investment platform for designing and trading structured products
    Capital Markets & Issuers

    30+ issuers, thousands of traders, millions of pieces of market data.

  • LinkedTrade is a Platform for Alternative Investments
  • LinkedTrade - a Platform for Trading Structured Products
    Wealth Management industry & Distributors

    Private Banks, Asset Managers, Financial Advisors, Specialised Brokers

Our Solutions

LinkedTrade is a leading SaaS multi-dealer platform that connects the Buy-side to the Sell-side digitally and offers end-to-end automation for the conception, pricing, trading and monitoring structured products.

We combine innovation and long-term expertise to overcome industry challenges and make investing in structured products fast, easy and cost-effective.

LinkedTrade is a proven solution that saves time, reduces operational risks and scales up your distribution across multiple channels.

  • Personalised experience
    Smart Ideas: discover an enhanced experience with customised ideas and immediate responses to your pre-defined requirements.
  • Connecting the dots
    Price Transparency: Get real-time quotes from most issuers and choose what’s best for your clients.
  • Simple to use
    Best Execution: enjoy an e-commerce-style experience to buy your structured products. Design, Price, Click & Trade!
  • Powerful insights
    Life-Cycle Management: control your market exposure with live monitoring and alerts on all your products.

About Us

The future of structured investments

LinkedTrade is a leading SaaS multi-issuer platform that leads the digital transformation of the structured products industry.

Built on modern technologies, LinkedTrade connects private banks, asset managers, and distributors to all the issuers and investment banks and offers end-to-end automation for the conception, pricing, execution, and monitoring of structured products.

We empower the wealth management industry with an easy-to-use platform and cutting-edge solutions that outperform traditional services and provide immediate responses to clients’ needs.

New opportunities provided by artificial intelligence highlight the need to implement such solutions within our industry. We strongly believe in our ability to help our customers investing in structured products in more efficient and successful ways.

Meet the management team

FinTech entrepreneurs at heart, we use the power of new technologies to provide our clients with innovating solutions and outstanding services.

Our ground-breaking technology enables private banks and asset managers to design and execute their structured products in a more efficient way than ever before.

  • Nicolas Gaumont-Prat
    Nicolas Gaumont-Prat
    Co-Founder & CEO LinkedTrade Technologies
  • Adrien Magnin
    Adrien Magnin
    Head of Product
  • Olga Popovych
    Olga Popovych
    Head of Sales & Business Development
  • Lorenzo Vangelisti
    Lorenzo Vangelisti
    Director of LinkedTrade Technologies & Partner & CEO of Valeur Group
  • Claudio Vangelisti
    Claudio Vangelisti
    Director of LinkedTrade Technologies & Director & COO of Valeur Group

Holistic global SaaS technology platform to scale up & optimize
your structured products investments!

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